Are Dental Implants Worth the Wait?

By In General May 1, 2018

Dental implants are by far the most beneficial way to replace missing teeth. This is true for every aspect of your oral health because of the domino-like effect tooth loss have on your jaw, facial contours, and remaining teeth. Implant posts integrate with your jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. In this symbiotic relationship, the biocompatible post or screw both obtains its stability by fusing with the bone, a process called osseointegration and, in return, stimulates bone growth, preventing tissue loss.

When the tooth root is not replaced, the jaw loses critical bone volume. Even when the teeth are replaced with a fixed bridge or partial denture, loss of hard and soft tissue in the supporting structures can cause adjacent natural teeth to shift. These changes result in the sunken or pinched facial features and the appearance of premature aging.

Steps to Success

The first step in receiving dental implants is the assessment. Some patients may require bone grafts which can be performed before or during the implant placement surgery. Typically after the post has been surgically inserted into the jawbone, the average wait for the permanent restoration (crown or bridge) is three months or more if a bone graft or other augmentation is needed.

Bone Formation and Osseointegration

A clear healing cycle has been established over decades of studying the way osseointegration works. Long-term osseointegration should result after the following sequence of events.

During the First Week– Bone formation begins and gradually grows towards the implant.

First Three Weeks - While bone is actively forming around the post, implant stability is weakest up to three weeks after placement.

Day 30 – Stronger lamellar bone starts to replace the woven bone and osseointegration begins.

Day 60 – The bone generation and integration reach a plateau but continue to gain strength. If no bone grafting was necessary,  and soft tissue healing has also been addressed, many dentists would feel comfortable placing the final restoration at this point.

Soft Tissue Healing around Dental Implants

The way your crown, bridge, or denture sits atop your gum will have a major impact on the aesthetic result.

It takes one to two weeks for your gums to attach to the implant post or abutment. The gum tissue will continue to heal and regenerate for up to 12 weeks. This is the reason many dentists like to wait a full three months before placing prosthetics. With proper monitoring of gum growth and the application of any necessary periodontal treatment, a skilled dentist knows just when to obtain your new impressions, have your prosthetic crafted, and schedule your final restoration.

Dental Implants at Anaheim Hills Smile Studio

When restorations are placed too soon, they have a higher chance of failing. Dr. Azita Adelynia understands that when you invest in dental implants to save your smile, you are relying on your dental professional to guide you to a successful outcome. When it comes dental implant restoration in Anaheim Hills, you can trust our dentist to do right by you.



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