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Professional Teeth Whitening

Because no two smiles are the same, Dr. Azita Adelynia offers several choices for teeth whitening in Anaheim Hills. Our dentist has been improving smiles for 25 years and finds great reward in helping her patients achieve brighter teeth and increased levels of confidence.

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Teeth Whitening Options at Anaheim Hills Smile Studio

Prior to whitening, Dr. Adelynia provides a thorough dental cleaning. This assures effective treatment and longer lasting results. The following teeth whitening services are available at Anaheim Hills Smile Studio and are recommended based on your needs:

Chairside Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Effectively brighten teeth by several shades with the assistance of a specially designed light that activates the whitening gel.

Opalescence – This method relies on an advanced whitening formula that doesn’t require a light source to trigger the whitening action.

While Opalescence uses a chemical activator to lift stains, it also contains fluoride and a desensitizing agent to prevent irritation from occurring. Zoom! works directly with the activating light. For those patients who prefer to use Zoom!, Dr. Adelynia applies fluoride to both decrease sensitivity and re-mineralize your teeth’s enamel.

Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Each of our chairside whitening options has at-home counterparts. After obtaining impressions of your teeth for the fabrication of custom-made trays, l. You will be instructed how to use the whitening trays to achieve the desired results while avoiding sensitivity.  Still, you retain the flexibility to whiten at your own pace if you prefer to wear the trays for less than the maximum recommended time.

To date, over-the-counter products have not been able to produce the same results as professional teeth whitening performed in the office or provided as a take-home treatment. Many of our Anaheim Hills teeth whitening patients come to us after months or even years of attempting to whiten with drugstore brand whiteners, only to have spent hundreds of dollars on products that just don’t work for teeth that have significant discoloration.

If you have would like a brighter smile, whether it’s to make a great impression at an upcoming event or just lift your level of confidence, Anaheim Hills Smile Studio has a teeth whitening option that’s right for you.

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